Adept Business offers a range of services tailored to help your business navigate the trials of business growth. Leverage the experience of someone who have gone there before you.


Suite of Services

Advisory Board Service

Wise counsel for your business

An advisory board can provide the strategic advice and complementary skills required to take a small or medium business to the next level.

We provide an end to end solution for establishing, recruiting and managing your advisory board, ensuring the board is productive from day one, maxmising your return on investment.

Strategic Planning

Plan your next growth phase

Need assistance to choose your next move? Caught up in the daily operations and need an outside perspective? Need an experienced hand to lead you and your team through a strategic planning process?

Leverage our experience and expertise to ensure you create a strategic plan that is both insightful and actionable.

Interim Executive

Short term executive role

Needing in-house expertise but not sure you're ready for the risk and commitment of a full time executive-level appointment?

Engage us in an interim capacity and you can tap into all the experience you need on a flexible basis until your ready to take the next step.



Lindsay Munns - Founder

With over 25 years' experience as a business executive, manager, coach and advisor, I work with organisations to formulate and execute strategies and processes that clarify, inspire and engage teams to deliver exceptional results.

I am a highly accomplished management professional who specialises in leading and advising growing businesses to become more profitable, valuable and sustainable. My experience spans the financial & professional services, healthcare, marketing, retail, wholesale, import/export and not-for-profit sectors.

My specialties include:

♦ Strategy: market analysis & idea evaluation, capacity planning & modelling, business planning
 ♦ Business Turn-around: transforming the performance of businesses in challenging circumstances 
 ♦ Vision Setting: guiding & facilitating the development of long term visions to optimise potential
 ♦ Board Guidance: to elevate professionalism, governance practices & ensure focus on the vision 
 ♦ Marketing: strategy, product development, sales, channel management, electronic direct marketing
 ♦ Financial: analysis, modelling, management accounting, management information system
​ ♦ Product & Service Innovation: introducing successful new produ​​cts and services
 ♦ Entrepreneurial: establishing and growing enterprises and business units 
 ♦ Business Operations: service delivery, supply chain management, HR, capability mapping
 ♦ IT & Data strategy: data warehousing, data driven marketing, system integration 
 ♦ Business Coaching: strategy development, productivity & revenue growth
 ♦ Group Facilitation, Presentation & Training: complete programs, one-off sessions & workshops​


Who we work with

Our client profile

Typically we work with founder led private businesses that have already achieved some  success but are looking to take the business to that next level of robust, sustainable growth within a more mature business footprint. 

Barriers that may be holding them back often include:

  • a lack of clarity or conviction over the strategic direction of the business

  • an over-reliance on the owner or key individuals affecting focus and execution time

  • inexperience in developing and empowering a professional management team

  • a lack of expertise in critical strategic, technical or industry areas

  • an absence of wise counsel to act as a business confidant or sounding board

Additionally we work with start up founders who value the support and business discipline that an experienced advisor can provide from the start in evaluating opportunities and putting in place the capability to identify and support rapid growth.

From time to time we also work with Not for Profit boards who require expert assistance to shift from an out dated committee structure into a modern, professional board providing a clear strategic mandate to their organisation.


"The value of having feedback from such an experienced and dedicated advisor who can see your business from the outside-in is enlightening. Never, have I been so clear about the strategic direction of my business and more confident about the decisions that have to be made. When you’re leading an organisation, Lindsay has your back, and his mandate is to drive your achievements and successes.  I recommend you talk to him today."

Anthony Wright

Some of our past clients ...


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