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Our Advisory Board Service: Welcome

Our service

We provide an end to end solution for establishing, recruiting and managing advisory boards. We take away the guesswork and effort of setting up and managing an advisory board, and by leveraging our expertise & networks, we ensure the board is productive from day one, providing an effective return on your investment.

Our Advisory Board Service: Services
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How do we help?

Expert Guidance

The task of establishing and then managing an Advisory Board can be quite daunting and time consuming for business owners. Many questions need to be answered including:

  • Who should sit on our advisory board?​

  • How do we find and attract the right board talent?

  • What format should our board take?

  • How often should it meet and for how long?

  • What processes and protocols should our board follow?

The Role We Play​

Our service is designed to take the hard work and guesswork away from you by taking care of these three aspects:

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Phase 1: Foundation

Establishing and Recruiting your Advisory Board

This is the initial stage of working together. We get to understand your business needs & objectives and to tailor a program and board to address these needs.  In some circumstances this may also involve a specific business coaching program.

What do you get?
In this phase you get:

  • Access to a dedicated board chairman and business coach

  • Two face to face half day sessions per month for ​Board planning or Business coaching​​

  • Our board recruitment process including access to outside candidates, interviewing and selection.

  • Access to your chairman outside of meetings via phone or email


Phase 2: Leverage

Actively managing your dedicated Advisory Board

Once the board has been established and assembled, the monthly meeting program begins.

What do you get?

During this phase you get:

  • Dedicated Advisory Board chairman

  • Facilitated monthly meetings of half day duration

  • One full day board workshop meeting every 12-month anniversary of commencement date

  • Additional half day dedicated involvement by Chairman

  • Access to your advisors outside of meetings via phone or email 

  • Access to all Adept Advisory board networks and resources

Could an Advisory Board be the right step for your business? Contact us today for a no obligation discussion of your needs.

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